Submissions for 2018 are open!

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New Year, New Look!


in a

New Year


the joy of


classical music togheter !

 We are delighted with all the requests that are coming to us to sign up from all over the world!

Are you ready for a year with D Major TV?

In these days on the Facebook page, you ask us how many people do to associate.

You just follow this link and you will be redirected to the application form

Our members collaborate directly in the creation of content, such as interviews, concerts, and specials in a fresh new way!

Being a member of the D Major TV Team is much more than entering in a Social Media Community

It’s all about sharing ideas,

sharing moments


creating opportunities together.


Besides the web, D Major TV also brings classical music to places of needs, such as hospitals and nursing homes.

This is because we firmly believe in the psychophysical well-being that this music offers that our young associates are committed to spread their talented with us.

Sharing emotions is the mission of D Major Tv that offers young classical musicians not only a showcase to show their work

but became a meeting point where musicians can grow and improve through shared experiences.

The membership card include: 

1) Membership Cards “D Major Team”  for 2018
2) Newsletter and information relating to “D Major” Initiatives
3) Pre-emption and facilitated entrance to the D Major events
4) Registration on our website’s data base (interviews and pictures) and on Social Media
5) Reduced prices to manage Social  Media for classic musicians members
6) One Live Streaming Iinterview is included in the year of membership
7) Members under 25 have discounts on workshops, events, conferences e initiatives.

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