Special Matinee Erik Satie at Filodrammatici Theatre of Milan

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Milan, 28 January 2018

This morning D Major TV followed the event “Matinee Satie”

The concert is dedicated to Composer Erik Satie at the “Teatro Filodrammatici di Milano”(Milan- Italy) Presented by Enrico Beruschi.

At the piano Maestro Carlo Balzaretti accompain the Soprano Anais Mahikian.

Our President Alida Altemburg interviewed everyone before starting the concert.





Like a time machine we travel in the “DADA” epoque thanks to the music and the anedocte!



Anaïs Mahikian Soprano interpreted Satie accompained by Carlo Balzaretti at the piano Teatro Filodrammatici di Milano
“Je te veux” (“I want you”) is a song composed by Erik Satie to a text by Henry Pacory. A sentimental waltz with erotic lyrics, it was written for Paulette Darty, whose accompanist Satie had been for a period of time. The text consists of two verses and a repeated chorus.

All the picture are by our Official D Major TV photographer Beppe Bisceglia Fotografo

The melody was performed to the public in 1903, at La Scala (not the Milan music hall), then a popular cabaret in Paris. In 1925, the song was recorded with Yvonne George as singer. “Je te veux” was also recorded by Mathé Altéry, Régine Crespin, Gigliola Negri and many other great artists.

Jazz vocalist Cécile McLorin Salvant performed the song on Jacky Terrasson’s 2012 album Gouache. John Cage instructs the performer to do the piano and voice version as part of his “Sonnekus²”.

All the pictures are by our Official Photographer Beppe Bisceglia Fotografo




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