D Major TV

in partnership with

 The Glenn Gould Foundation

is proud to present

” A year of Anniversaries”

As D Major TV we are happy to collaborate with the “The Glenn Gould Foundation” as partner and honorary associated, developed project and events.

One the year 2017 we celebrated “Glenn Gould Anniversaries” on May 20th and “Happy Birthday Mr.Gould” on 25th September, date of the 85th birthday of the great canadian Pianist, in Fazioli Showroom in Milano with our associated.



  • 2017 was the 85th anniversary of Glenn Gould’s birth
  • We celebrate all over the world the 70th anniversary of Gould’s debut with the Toronto Symphony at age 15
  • 2017 was  60th anniversary of Gould’s historic Russia tour, when he became the first major Western artist to perform in the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War, and made such a powerful impression that he changed the lives of a generation of Russian musicians
  • 60th anniversary of Gould’s first concert with the Berlin Philharmonic under Herbert von Karajan and  60th anniversary of Gould’s debut in Vienna
  • Another great anniversary is 60th anniversary of Gould’s first concert with the New York Philharmonic under Leonard Bernstein
  • Celebrated the 60th anniversary of Gould’s first concert with the San Francisco Symphony
  • 2017 is the 50th anniversary of Glenn Gould’s ground-breaking experimental “contrapuntal” radio documentary, The Idea of North, created as a CBC Centennial project
  • The 40th anniversary of NASA’s launch of the Voyager I space probe with the “Golden Record”  featuring Glenn Gould playing Bach
  • 2017 is the year of 35th Anniversary of Glenn Gould’s death
  • You can also donate to The Glenn Gould Foundation and contribute to this great event!



 25th September 2017 “Happy Birthday Mr.Gould” from Fazioli Showroom in Milano, with special concert of Madame Elizabeth Sombart President of Fondation Resonnance.


Thank you very much to everyone for this great Live Concert D Major presents: “Happy Birthday Mr.Gould” and for the Canada’s 150th Anniversary of Confederation!
We had a lot of fun all togheter in the name of Music in Memory of a great artist and genius: Glenn Gould! Thank you to our partner The Glenn Gould Foundation, Mr.Brian Levine, Miss Amy Kitchen and Miss Rebecca Mac Alpine.
The Canadian Embassy Mrs: Enrica Abbate and all the staff of Ambasciata del Canada in Italia Canada!
Thanks to Mr.Paolo Fazioli, Luarda Nezha and Mr.Davide Lupattelli at Fazioli Showroom and Fazioli Pianoforti for make this possible!
Thanks to Fondation Résonnance for be with us as constant inspiration in bring music in place of solidarity as a mission!
We are very grateful for the contribution of Madame Elizabeth Sombart for everything she make, in her life and in her music.
Thanks to all the associated and artist that participated to the event: Elisa Tomellini, Maria Perrotta, Luca Schieppati, the young Elena Piccione, Luca Truccolo pianista and Pietro Roffi. Thanks to Alberto Spano.
Thanks to La Nina and Silvia Amodio. All the D Major TV Crew: Al Cool, Silver Rossi, Alij and Beppe Bisceglia Fotografo.


Turn Back Time on May 20th 2017 on D Major TV Studio ” Glenn Gould’s Anniversaries”

From 10am to 10pm (RTZ), concerts, interviews and specials directly from @The Glenn Gould Foundation in the person of Mr.Brian Levine, honorary associated.

All the pianists will play on gorgeous Fazioli Pianoforti a tribute to Glenn Gould and there will be an interview with Mr.Paolo Fazioli in person!

D Major Tv presents: Glenn Gould The Anniversaries #LiveStreaming www.glenngould.ca www.fazioli.com

Here you can find the letter from the Executive Director Mr.Brian Levine from D Major TV President Alida Altemburg